Grahamstown Family Chiropractic

Preventative Chiropractic care is very patient specific. Many patients only come in twice a year for a check-up however, there are other patients who may need help with:

  • achieving a goal e.g. an upcoming race where they need to adapt to increased training loads without injury
  • chronic stress issues, both postural and psychological which manifest as shoulder and neck tension that will lead to headache/migraine if not dealt with
  • moving better!  Our patients enjoy the feeling of moving better and as many Chiropractic patients are proactive about their health and well being, they seek help when they notice dysfunctional movement patterns e.g. roll-down in Pilates in uneven, saddle stirrups are suddenly different lengths or using side mirrors to reverse rather than looking over their shoulder as they might ordinarily do.

We aim to educate you about your body so you can notice the signs of your body compensating, have a self-care strategy in place to remedy this and, in the event it is not enough, come in for a treatment.