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Cricket fan or player – be at your best with Chiropractic!

Cricket has been a staple of South Africans for generations. Whether it’s a simple game of garden cricket, or you’re in your full whites for an all-day match, from children to adults, if the sun is out in summer, cricket is in the air. Regardless of our World Cup antics, Cricket’s popularity among South Africans is not going to subside anytime soon!

But what are the risks of cricket, and how can Chiropractic help?

The repetitive, fast paced and enormous workload can, over time, misalign your pelvis. This is especially true among kids and teenagers whose spines are yet to mature. Rotations of the pelvis and the resultant postural distortions can, for example, make it appear as though one leg is shorter than the other. This is often mis-diagnosed, and orthotics and other external interventions may be used incorrectly. It can also create unnecessary strain on the lower back and may affect the function of the hamstrings and quadriceps muscles, causing problems later in life.

Lumbar stress fractures can also be a common issue in adult cricketers, especially ones who have not treated an underlying pelvis problem.

The bowler has the highest risk of spinal stress fractures and injuries, especially to the lower back.

And it’s not just the pelvis that can cause problems. All along the kinetic chain, from the foot up to the neck, there is strain put on muscles and joints. Uneven or concrete cricket pitches can cause injury in the feet, ankles and knees. Incorrect shoulder function (throwing the ball, or even batting) due to a misaligned thoracic region can cause problems in the shoulders, elbows and wrists.

These (initially minor) repetitive micro-trauma injuries can develop into chronic pain. Correcting issues as they occur will help prevent future injury. For example, correcting pelvic misalignment at an early stage will take pressure off the lumbar region, helping to prevent stress fractures or other chronic overuse syndromes from occurring later in life.

3 benefits of regular Chiropractic care:

  • Manage Pain – regular Chiropractic can help you manage pain symptoms, as your spine is aligned your body is better able to deal with injury.
  • Promotes Healing – a well aligned spine and properly functioning nervous system helps to promote your body’s natural healing, speeding up recovering time.
  • Prevention – prevention is key in Chiropractic. By having a properly aligned spine, as well as fully functioning nervous system and properly mobile joints, you are less likely to be injured with your movements.

In countries all over the world, Chiropractors are a vital part of the medical team for national cricket teams. Chiropractic is encouraged to help keep players fit and healthy, and to help lengthen their careers.

Seeing a Chiropractor when these issues occur is smart. Seeing a Chiropractor before they become issues is inspired!