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"I went into the scrum and my neck went pop!"

Sound familiar?  Joints and muscles are easily hurt during sport.  It may be from repetition, poor technique or an external force but it causes damage nonetheless and the impact can be lifelong.

We strongly advocate getting checked out if you have any concerns regarding a particular injury.  The majority of joint, muscle or ligament issues become more difficult to treat the longer they are around especially if you have not successfully managed to 'run it off'.  It may also happen that a big tackle, using wrongly setup equipment etc may predispose you to a future issue, for example, a severe low back spasm which only occurs a few days after fall off your horse when you are doing something you have done a 100 times before like getting out of bed.

I am super fit - I don't need anyone!

That is great news!  However, remember that if you are constantly pushing your personal performance bar, you are at risk of overdoing it.  A look at any professional sports team and their supporting medical staff gives ample evidence of this.  The flip side is to consider how keeping your body in peak condition may also include ensuring that your spine is functioning optimally. The spine houses and protects your spinal cord and provides the gateway for your nerves to pass through and supply the rest of the body.  

In 2010 a randomised control trial by Hoskins and Pollard compared the efficacy of Sports Chiropractic (manipulation, mobilisation and soft tissue techniques) with accepted best practice versus the accepted best practice alone.  They did this by measuring the amount of time off the field due to non-contact knee injuries and the number of lower limb injuries recorded.  The additional of Sport Chiropractic treatment to the overall management of the players demonstrated a significant reduction in both measured areas is an important part of the preventative sports medicine.